Tasna's Inventory

Cyphers (Max 3):

  • Metamagnetizer (lvl 6)
    Appearance: Small device stitched to a piece of cloth like a wristband
    Effect: The device creates a sudden increase in the magnetic field of any non-living wood, causing it to become drawn toward the cypher in one round. The device exerts a strong pull (holding or moving up to 10 pounds [5 kg]) within short range and a weaker pull (holding or moving up to 5 pounds [2 kg]) within long range.
  • Drastic Propulsion Unit (lvl 4)
    Appearance: Small black box with a hook that attaches to a piece of clothing
    Effect: When activated, the device propels the user quickly in the direction she desires, allowing her to cover twice the usual amount of ground each round. If the user is holding tightly to another person or creature, that person or creature moves with him at the same speed. The effect lasts for one minute.
  • Gas bomb (lvl.3) –
    Form: This white ceramic sphere that can be thrown up to a short distance.
    Effec: It releases an immediate burst of gas that knocks living creatures unconscious for 3 rounds or until awoken. The gas lingers for 5 rounds.


  • Psionic Headband: This metallic headband has several squiggly protrusions. It allows the wearer to resist psychic attacks as if they are specialized in the task.
    Depletion: 1 in d20


  • Small cartoonish green animal with large eyes and squat rounded body made of rubbery synth. If the person touching it is afraid it glows with soft light until the fear subsides.

Tasna's Inventory

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