Goredard's Inventory

Cyphers (Max 2):

  • Catseye pill (lvl.5) – This gold colored pill grants the user 8 hours of darkvision.
  • Intellect enhancement (lvl 5) – Clear green square rubber patch that adheres to skin. If slapped will softly pulse with light. Release chemicals over 1 hour that adds one to intellect edge for that time.


  • Mephitic staff (lvl 5) – Glass and metal tube on the end of a well made quarterstaff (med weapon 4 dmg). When activated (free action) releases a concentrated, immediate range blast of noxious fumes when struck against a solid creature or object. An affected creature lose its next turn to coughing and choking. Depletion 1 in 1d20.


  • Infinite ice cube – Small rectangle that has the look and feel of ice and is always cold, but never melts.
  • Secret pen – Writes in invisible ink that is only revealed at very low temperatures.

Goredard's Inventory

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