The Woodsman's Inventory

Cyphers (Max 3):

  • Crystal force shield nodule (lvl.4)
    Form: Pulsing green crystal that attaches to armor or clothing with 6 spidery legs.
    Effect: When activated the crystal augments the garment with a force shield granting +2 armor for the next 28 hours.
  • Heatvision Lenses (Lvl 1)
    Form: Rose colored goggles
    Effect: Allows the user to see infrared light for one hour. Warm creatures and objects register as bright reds, oranges, and yellows, while cool areas appear blue, purple, or black. The device allows the wearer to see in total darkness, though fine detail is impossible. A hot light source (such as the sun) effectively blinds the user while the source is in his field of view.
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  • Fearmaker (lvl. 3)
    Form: A 4 ft tall collapsible tripod with a metal cone on top. It takes 2 rounds to assemble and setup the device. Once set up it takes an action to activate. Comes in a stylish carrying case.
    Effect: When activated it affects the minds of all thinking creatures within long range in a 45 degree arc. Those affected are instilled with terror, making them drop what they are holding and flee for a number of rounds equal to its level.
    Depletion: 1 in d6
    Quirk: Drastically drains heat around it. Deals 2 points of dmg in immediate range.


  • Octagonal amulet – Small octagonal tile on a leather cord. The tile is black in color by day and changes to sky blue in color at night.
  • Face compass egg – Metallic egg with a human face on one side. Face smiles more the closer to the south the person holding it faces.
  • Fish bracelet – This bracelet has the images of 6 fish on it. If a finger is run over the length of the bracelet it activates the images of 6 holographic fish that “swim” in the air around the user for about 1 minute.
  • Metallic mask – Fits perfectly on your face and changes expression when you do

The Woodsman's Inventory

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