Goredard's Inventory

Cyphers (Max 2):

  • Mask of disguise (lvl. 5)
    Form: Small sheet of rubbery synth
    Effect: When placed upon your face the sheet will morph your features into whatever you imagine within reason. The new face can be entirely imagined or mimic the face of a known person. The new face cannot be changed after the initial setting. The effect lasts up to 8 hours.
  • Stealthy Serpent (Lvl 7)
    Form: Metal disk that is actually a tightly coiled strand
    Effect: When activated, this cypher uncoils in the form of a small, metal serpent, about 2 feet (0.6 m) long. It remains animate for one round per cypher level. It can be given a single command that must be something it can accomplish within its allotted time. Once the command is carried out, it deactivates, even if it does so before its time is up. It is a level 2 creature, but it moves with stealth as level 5. It can bite once for 2 points of damage and inject a poison that inflicts 4 points of Speed damage (ignoring Armor) if the victim fails a Might defense roll.


  • Mephitic staff (lvl 5):
    Form: Glass and metal tube on the end of a well made quarterstaff (med weapon 4 dmg). Effect: When activated (free action) releases a concentrated, immediate range blast of noxious fumes when struck against a solid creature or object. An affected creature lose its next turn to coughing and choking. [Due to his tinkering in Goredard’s hands the staff has the added effect of dazing the target for an additional round after they lose their turn.]
    Quirk: Makes a fart sound when activated.
    Depletion: 1 in d20
  • Portal gun (lvl 3):
    Form: Sleek metallic casing that glows with green light. Has a handle with activator trigger.
    Effect: One target within long range is teleported up to a short distance in a random direction to a clear location. Because of the sudden shift the target becomes dazed until the end of their next turn making all their actions one step more difficult.
    Depletion: 1 in d20 (can be repaired with some effort)


  • Infinite ice cube – Small rectangle that has the look and feel of ice and is always cold, but never melts.
  • Secret pen – Writes in invisible ink that is only revealed at very low temperatures.
  • Metallic mask – Fits perfectly on your face and changes expression when you do
  • A small sphere nested within a cube, but the cube exists out of phase and cannot be touched

Goredard's Inventory

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