Gerard's Inventory

Cyphers (Max 3):

  • Flashbang node (lvl.5) – A small handheld metallic node of coiled silver black tendrils with orange and green veins that can be thrown a short distance. An electrical explosion in an immediate radius blinds all within it for one minute and inflicts electrical damage equal to level. The node spawns 2 smaller nodes on the next round which each fly to a random spot within short range and explode with identical effect.
  • Neural Disruptor (lvl 8) – A metallic cylinder with small nodes, tubes, and wires extending from it. When activated, the device releases a pulse that travels out to a 1-mile (2 km) radius. All living things in the area whose level is lower than the cypher level become catatonic for 28 hours. PCs must succeed on Int save at the level of the cypher or be affected as well.
  • Protoblood (lvl 7) – A white milky substance. If applied to a corpse revives it for 1 hour as a mindless servant for 1 hour. If the creature is small it is lvl 1 and if it is larger it is lvl 2. It can obey simple commands and has limited skills.

[Contingent subroutine (lvl 6) – A square covered in circuitry that fused into Gerard’s body through his skin. If he becomes incapacitated or dies the subroutine will be activated and cause his body to continue to act in self preservation.]

[Comprehension Graft – Cypher absorbed by Gerard that allows him to understand but not speak Cluster]


  • Monocle – This small lens floats in front of the wearer’s eye and presents a slightly augmented reality where objects in the environment are targeted and glyphs in an unknown language are displayed.

Gerard’s artifact:
AR monocle: This small lens floats in front of the wearer’s eye and presents an augmented reality (AR) where a variety of random visual sensors, clarity enhancers, viewfinders and other aids are displayed accompanied by glyphs in an unknown language. Depletion: -

After spending 3XP Gerard begins to develop some understanding and an amount of (un)conscious control over the interface. The monocle provides an asset to visual perception checks made while wearing it. It now also grants the ability “Eye for Detail”.

Eye for Detail (2 Intellect points): When you spend five minutes or so thoroughly exploring an area no larger than a typical room, you can ask the GM one question about the area. The GM must answer you truthfully. The question must make sense as something you could glean with your sensors. (You cannot see inside of objects for example.) You cannot use this ability more than one time per area per 28 hours. Enabler.


  • Billowing cape – Cape billows as if blown by the wind when worn, even in still air
  • Time delay disc – The reflection in the metal of this black disc is offset by 3 seconds.
  • Phase stabilizer and fractured cypher – Small metallic sphere containing fractured shards of a crystal teleportation cypher. Gerard’s phase state is now tied to the cypher shards. Each shard is in a different phase state. (One shard is inky liquid black, one is blurred and pale blue, another is radiant and seems to wrinkle in and out of phase, and still another shard looks like it’s seen through rippling violet water. The last shard mirrors his current phase state and is larger than the rest, being made up of two fragments merged)

The sphere can morph into gyroscope-like rings and a few other small metallic nodes, that spin encircling the shard cluster floating contained in the center. A floating disk on top and bottom of the array allows it to be held and manipulated while open. Goredard can use the device and other tools to further stabilize Gerard Jr.’s still unstable phase state by fusing the unstable shards to the stabilized one.

Gerard's Inventory

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