Cook's Inventory

Cyphers (Max 2):

  • Metallic spider seed (lvl. 4)
    Form: Small metallic seed
    Effect: When planted it grows into a large spidery creature which can be controlled by a rider. The rider can move long distance as part of a turn and can walk on walls and ceilings. Up to two people can comfortably ride the spider. It lasts 28 hours.
  • Portable Hole (Lvl 9)
    Form: Small metallic ring
    Effect: The cypher automatically affixes itself to any flat surface on which it is placed. It instantly widens until it reaches 5 feet (2 m) in diameter or until the ring reaches an edge, at which point it stops expanding. The surface inside the ring vanishes, opening a hole through the material or to a depth of 5 feet (2 m).


  • -


  • Self repairing crystal – This multifaceted nearly spherical crystal is the size of a large marble and milky white. The crystal easily shatters into a multitude of tiny shards that begin to glow and vibrate within a few seconds of separation and then quickly move to reform themselves into their original shape. Belonged to Cook’s father.
  • Red Duster – This synth coat is resistant to dirt and wrinkles in additional to granting an asset to resist fire damage. Also looks pretty anime chic. (Gift from Skrzypek the Enchanter)
  • Silk string – This 3 foot length of adamantine silk string coils itself around whatever it touches

Cook's Inventory

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