Bumbleschmumpkin's Inventory

Cyphers (Max 3):

  • Exosuit Glove (lvl 3) – Large exosuit glove with only 4 finger. Was severed roughly at the forearm. Can be activated to release many micro threads to entangle an object within short distance. Once entangled an additional action can be used to retract the threads either drawing you towards the object or it towards you.
  • Mental scrambler (lvl 3) – Strange complex glassy curved object. 2 rounds after activation it fills an area of short distance with an invisible psychic field causing the victims to be unable to act. They can speak, walk, and defend as normal. The field last for 1 minute and effects remain while in the field and for 3 rounds afterwards. A Intellect check can allow normal action.
  • Ranged attack booster (lvl.5) – This pen sized injector is filled with chemicals and nanites that enhance and specialize the brain and nervous system for ranged attacking. The difficulty of ranged attacks is decreased by 3 difficulty steps. The effects wear off after 5 uses of ranged ability or after 28 hours have passed.


  • Phased Slugspitter (Inorganic Phasing) Level: 5 –
    Form: A long device with 3 narrow prongs that form a channel in which the phase slugs forms within and issues from.
    Effect: With a small buzz and bright flash this device fires a tiny slug of phased material that resembles a glowing irregularly shaped ball of glass to a range of 200 feet (61 m). It inflicts damage equal to the artifact level, but since the slug phases through inorganic matter, it ignores Armor. In fact, the slug can even pass through walls unhindered, although targeting through a solid wall provides its own challenges. This weapon cannot harm inorganic targets (it passes through them). (This device is a rapid-fire weapon, and thus can be used with the Spray or Arc Spray abilities that some glaives and jacks have, but each “round of ammo” used or each additional target selected requires an additional depletion roll.)
    Depletion: 1 in 20


  • Metallic mask – Fits perfectly on your face and changes expression when you do
  • Glass projection cube – seems to show a live aerial view of an unknown, ruined city
  • Bio Sample Cube – This cube from the bioscholar’s vault has many small compartments containing biological and chemical samples.
  • Infinity Thermos – This cylinder can hold contents at temperature indefinitely. (Currently contains space coffee)

Bumbleschmumpkin's Inventory

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