Tasna (Mandy)

Graceful glaive that fuses flesh and steel


Tasna is a 25 year old woman who stands 6’ 2" weighing 190 lbs. She has dark skin and white hair which she ties a scarf around it to keep it out of her face. Her mop of hair has a few dreads and beaded braids with inconspicuous devices/treasures woven in as well. She wears close-fitting leggings, long sleeves, multiple layers, and scarves, along with high boots and gloves to conceal her mods; she bandages her hands for when gloves would be too conspicuous. Her long green cloak is a bit tattered and hangs past her knees. She favors green and red in all her clothing.

Tasna grew up in Charmonde, the capital of Naverene. She was raised by her mother, Daniba, who was a dancer and performer in Queen Armalu’s court. Tasna learned to dance, but was never considered to join her mother as a professional due to her unusual height. When Tasna was 15, Daniba drew negative attention in court and she and Tasna were forced to leave in a hurry. To make her way in the world Daniba soon found a suitor, but the man was not interested in keeping Tasna around, so he arranged for her abduction by the Syndicate. Tasna spent several years as an unwilling test subject in a Syndicate compound before escaping. It’s been 7 years since then and Tasna has still not been able to reconnect with her mother.

Tasna wasn’t really given much of a choice when she entered the Syndicate program as a subject, but had decided to get the most out of her situation until she could figure out where to go next and how to do so. The Syndicate was testing new experimental augmentations for soldiers and gave Tasna a variety of modifications. Her arms, legs, and torso are now covered in protective scales made of a synthetic material through which she can conduct electrical impulses. Her bones are conductive, and they are connected to the scales via fine conductive threads. Her left eye has been modified to help her see electrical fields, and she has a connector behind her left ear through which the system was tweaked as the program learned more about the synth properties. She is able to hide her mods with her clothing, gloves, and hair, as her modded eye looks pretty normal. Tasna finds it prudent to hide because she escaped the program after faking her own death in an explosion and worries about reprisal if the Syndicate discovers her. During her escape she stole a copy of the head researchers notes and snagged some spare parts and tools in order to maintain and improve her mods.

After her escape, Tasna used her grace, strength, and new modifications to become a treasure hunter and muscle for hire. In the last few years Tasna has learned a lot more about what the Syndicate does and takes a special interest in their activities. She took her current Order of Truth contract particularly because she’d heard of Syndicate activity in Shallamas and she wanted to see if she could learn more, and possibly give them some trouble. She likes that this party of travelers seems to like giving the Syndicate a hard time as well and is happy tagging along with the party.

Additionally Tasna recognizes Bumble from her time in the Syndicate compound, but she knew him as Geronf at that time. He was a low level servant who did a lot of fetching and carrying for others, not the powerful nano sorcerer that he currently is. She noticed that Geronf was surreptitiously making off with materials and equipment and she aided him at times and he helped her at times as well. The notes that she ended up making off with were a copy that Geronf had made that she stole from him during her escape.

Tasna (Mandy)

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