Liberating the Weather Oracle

At the enchanter’s direction the party journeys to an ancient weather shrine and battle an infection which has taken hold of the place. This frees the weather oracle that resides there and also ends the danger that the infecting entity had posed to the power core.

After securing the power core the party follows Skrzypek to his place. He gives them a few gifts including a long red coat which grants some fire resistance for Cook.

Following Skrzypek’s directions they journey to find a “shrine” where the source of the sand creatures and the weather anomalies may be found. Along the way they encounter an anarcho-syndicalist commune living at the edges of the influence of the domain of Lord Atto, the baron of the city of Dross.

From there they finally make their way to the “shrine” and enter. They find black metallic tendrils with orange and green veins growing around on the ancient structure. The weather oracle calls out in Bumble’s mind again with requests for repairs.

The party encounter a barrier of blue electric tentacles that are also blocking the way and also seem to be fending off the black tendrils. Party plans to cut through them, but Bumble finds a pool of liquid that when he touches it he can interact with the system and retract the blue tentacles.

Further on in the complex they find a control center for the weather oracle that the black tendrils are invading and trying to control while blue electrified tentacles fight them off.

Following another passage from that room they and find a big black metallic blob flashing with orange electric inside on the ceiling that is is the source of the tendrils. A crackling electric voice offers to let them have the power core and to stop the storms if they will deactivate the oracle in the other room and let it have complete control. The party makes a decision to aide the oracle over the invading entity and engage in a grueling battle with it. Junior almost dies and runs from the room only to hears the sandmen approaching through the passageway. The party destroys the entity just before the reinforcements arrive. Junior may now have some PTSD from nearly dying so many times.

The oracle regains control and stabilizes the weather in the area around the “Shrine”. A blue glowing mass of nanites begins to follow Bumble. The party returns to the commune they were at previously and rest for the night.


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