Infiltrating the Bandit Camp

The party travels from Shallamas to the Red Swamp in the east. The woodsman uses tracking to locate a mass of tangled vines grown into a large sphere that appeared to have a lot of foot traffic to it. Inside the vine formed shelter the party finds that a group of blue furred creatures with claws and bat-like wings have taken up residence in there and that there are remains of a few dead bodies inside. Stealthily the woodsman tries to investigate the bodies but the creatures are alerted to his presence and become aggressive. The woodsman uses his expert knowledge of the wilds and sings a song to sooth the savage beasts and then escapes with a map that was found on one of the bodies. The bodies appear to be members of the bandit gang so the woodsman uses the map to navigate to where they hope the rest of the bandits will be holed up. While traveling there a tentacled beast attacks from beneath the water while they cross over on a platform of large lily pads. Things look bad briefly for the party as Gerard Jr. falls into the water and Cook gets his blade stuck in the tentacle flesh but the woodsman injects the creature with a poison cypher and as it becomes temporarily paralyzed and sinks beneath the water the party flees.

The party finally comes to a giant humanoid automaton half submerged into the swamp that has a camp on top of the chest surrounded by fairly deep waters. The only easy access is an arm that acts as a ramp to the camp, but there is a force shield blocking the way and guards protecting the shield generator. The party take the hard way up by scaling the side and using rope to bring everyone up. Sneaking through the tents of sleeping men Bumble stumbles and rouses one of the bandits who groggily pops out of his tent. Goredard uses the psychic rings cypher to fill the man’s mind with “Sleep!!!” so he does not alert the camp. After the bandit is safely asleep they split his throat and continue. The party enters the open mouth of the automaton and descend down through the innards finally coming to a room with a depression filled with pillows in which they find the Bandit King asleep with two concubines. They move stealthily and kill all three simultaneously in their sleep and the woodsman takes the Bandit King’s femur as a prize. They find a pile of loot in the room including the coolers for the microbes that Petra sent them after as well as an artifact identified as a mephitic staff which Goredard takes. They slink from the internal chamber back to the ramp and take the guards by surprise killing them with more throat slitting. Deactivating the force shield they escape safely into the night towards Shallamas.


JonPetterle JonPetterle

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