Fury Road Battle on a Trogdor

The party agrees to help a group of dirty children who showed up in the commune. The party rides the children’s metal automaton creature through the dark desert while battling wendigos to finally reach the children’s home city.

After waking the next day the party speaks to a group of dirty children who have mysteriously showed up recently at the commune riding a metal creature like a brontosaurus with many legs and two beefy arms. A girl named Wist who looks about 16 but speaks like a small child tells them that their village is in trouble. The party agrees to help the group and they all mount up on the “Trogdor”, which is controlled mentally by a young boy called Cup.

They encounter wendigos in an area covered in unnatural darkness. In a fury road style battle they fight the wendigos and defend the Trogdor and the children. Bumble syncs with the Trogdor as well and gains control of the arms and tail. After some practice he is able to use the arms to grab and crush a wendigo and drop it under the many feet. Cook’s blade is stuck in a enemy he slays and he falls off but is able to expertly recover and rejoin the party. Bumble uses the tail to slap and finish off the last few following attackers and they outpace the remaining wendigos and emerge past the unnatural darkness.

They round some mountains of black glass and arrive at the outskirts of the city the dirt children originate from. In the distance past the city they can see a tall tower burning with green fire.


JonPetterle JonPetterle

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