The Sanctum Portals

The party investigate the portals connected to the Scorpion Sanctum. They deactivate both of them and kill a high level Syndicate leader.

The party investigates the tunnel to the east where the guards retreated and find a ruined and mostly flooded sanctum guarded by a strange creature which they battle and kill. The beast crammed itself into the tunnel to get at them completely blocking the way with its dead bulk. Gerard phases back through the beast into the ruined sanctum and meets a former slave who gives him some info regarding the sanctum portals and confirmation that this is the Syndicate base they party flooded earlier in their adventures. They then deactivate the fixed portal leading there and Gore uses the parts to repair his portal gun. Next they see to the rescued captives needs getting them nourishment from the supply bunker and letting them rest in the guard barracks. They are discovered by an agent arriving through the other portal from the Golden Sanctum. Bumble manages to kill him with the remote mech by using his remote sensor he set up earlier. Investigating the Golden Sanctum Gore goes in undercover with a disguise but inadvertently sends a swarm of guards towards the Scorpion Sanctum when informing them there had been an attack. The party is listening in with a communication cypher pair and cuts off the portal diverting the guards. Gore meets with Sargon, the master of the Sanctum to keep his cover, but then makes a run for it when the party reopens the portal for him. Sargon follows and Bumble manages to time shutting the portal off just perfectly to slice him in half. The party leave the portal deactivated disrupting Syndicate travel as well as harming the power supply to its only operational sanctum. All in all they have dealt several more powerful blows to the organization.

Battle at Scorpion Sanctum

The party is attacked by the large group of guards from the sanctum garrison who control two battle mechs, but the party thwarts the assault.

The party is in the base of the Scorpion sanctum tower with their band of rescued test subjects including Cook’s parents, unsure how to escape. Cook’s father informs them the prisoners were brought into the tower from the Naverene through one of the hallways connecting to the tower. The woodsman hears the guards outside the tower approaching as they try to decide what to do. The party sends the refugees outside the hole in the tower with Zander and the chocobos. The large doors to the tower open and the party hides behind shelves and Gore sends his snake cypher down the east tunnel to make noise as a distraction. Fooled by the snake diversion the bulk of the guards head towards the east tunnel under the instruction of the head guard to check out the portal to the ruined sanctum. A few of the guards clomp up the steps to the upper floors. The two giant mechs the guards posses stay at the doors, unable to fit anywhere else anyways. Sneaking a peek it’s seen that one of the mech’s is piloted from inside and the other has no pilot but a guard stands nearby it. Suspecting that second the mech is remote controlled Bumble reaches out and finds he can attempt to connect remotely to the mech. Bumble seizes control of it from the pilot and crushes him swiftly with him own mech. Bumble then assumes control of the remote mech and battles the other while the rest of the party use ranged attacks to kill the other pilot. Gerard jumps into the other mech and assumes control. The large group of guards return from the tunnel and are met by Gerard and Bumble who engage in battle with them. The other 3 guards return from upstairs along with the surviving Syndicate agent. The rest of the party engage and kill the 3 guards and Cook chases down the Syndicate agent and interrogates him discovering that the prisoners were necessary for a device that was siphoning energy from a star in a pocket dimension to fuel the Syndicate’s research and other nefarious plans. Cook then delivers the killing blow completing his revenge for his parents imprisonment. The larger group is thoroughly routed by the hijacked mechs and retreat back into the tunnel they had initially explored. The party is left in peace for a moment to loot a few cyphers from the tower and regroup.

Infiltrating the Scorpion Sanctum

The party infiltrate the Scorpion Sanctum, kill several Syndicate agents, and rescue Cook’s parents.

The party travels east from Uxphon across the Cloudcrystal desert towards the Scorpion Sanctum. Zander purchases a lizard strider and accompanies them to their continued annoyance.

After days of travel they arrive at the sanctum complex to find guards engaged with some creatures trying to raid their storehouse. The party leaves the chocobos with Zander to hide out of sight while they use Cook’s portable hole cypher to access the main tower. They climb the tower and encounter one old man Syndicate member with a mechanical pet who they engage and defeat in a quick battle. On the upper most floor they find a device that many subjects including Cook’s parents are hooked into and held prisoner in. Two more syndicate agents are here; one is a biomechanical woman who attacks them with great strength and another is a man who operates numenera defenses including electrifying the floor. They slay the biomech woman and damage the numenera device. The final Syndicate agent bargains for his life by saying that he will show them how to safely remove the subjects from the device. They agree and rescue the subjects successfully. Cook attempts to double cross and kill the man but he evades the attempt and holds Cook’s mother hostage until the party and all the other subjects leave. The Syndicate agent releases Cook’s mother once they leave the room and the party and all the subjects retreat to the base of the tower.

Solving the Vampire Mystery in Bodrov

The party discover and destroy the vampire plaguing Bodrov which was actually a part of Lady Tymora’s youth-giving numenera. Goredard gets a message from his old teacher that he is trapped in another dimension. And the party starts their journey north to find Cook’s parents.

The party spends the night in the countess’ manor and does a little investigating of the youth numenera and become suspicious of it. The following day the party sends Gerard to investigate the youth machine further while they engage in lawn games with the Countess and her family. The spider like automaton that lives in the machine comes out when provoked and attacks Gerard. He flees and the party comes to his aide engaging an a battle with the machine on the grand staircase of the manor. The Countess sees that they slayed the vampire and rewards them with the use of her airship to take their journey north. Zander tries to come with them, but they refuse the young noble’s wish to adventure with them.

On their way through the city the party is approached by the mysterious watcher who directs them to Goredard’s old teacher’s abandoned workshop where Goredard receives a message that his master is trapped in a parallel dimension. Goredard receives the address for the dimension, but will have to develop a way to reach there. The party then proceeds to the skydocks and travel with captain Bhakta towards Uxphon which is a city in the Cloudcrystal Skyfields with airship docks relatively close to their destination.

On the way they fly over the third skyfall location and see a dense mass of plants but are unable to land. During the trip it is revealed that Zander stowed away on the airship. They are attacked by flying creatures whose floating egg sac gets caught on the ship. But the woodsman is able to figure out the source of the creature’s agitation and they free the eggs which stops the creatures from attacking. They repair the damage to keep the airship from crashing and complete their journey to Uxphon.

Arrival in Bodrov

The party discovers the location of the Scorpion Sanctum is very far to the north so decide to travel to Bodrov to obtain passage on an airship. In Bodrov they visit a chirurgeon shop and get one of Cook’s mutation reversed, then stop by Gore’s parents’ home. Next they go to see Countess Tymora, Gerard’s aunt. They speak with Tymora and offer to help with the vampire threat in the city they had caught wind of. Tymora accepts their help, the party investigate a bit and then return to the manor for dinner.

The party divides the spoils from the Syndicate’s vault as they review the documents leading to Cook’s parents again. Cook’s parents are at a place called the Scorpion Sanctum, but the party has no clear indication where that is. It appears the Syndicate reach this location by the use of other locations. Gore utilizes a datasphere tap cypher and asks the location of the Sanctum and is shown a bird’s-eye view from his current location to the Sanctum deep in the Cloudcrystal Skyfields north of the Naverene. Since it would probably take over a month to ride there overland on chocobos and it seems that experiment subjects tend to burn out at some point the party decides to travel to Bodrov in an attempt to get an airship to take them there faster. They finish up in Shallamas, bringing the powercore to the church and then leaving the nearly drained trogdor in the square in front of the church. Petra will finish up all the details in the city, but bids them to check out the third skyfall just northwest of Bodrov if they have the chance.

They travel uneventfully to Bodrov and Gore meets Jim, one of Gore’s old buddies, working on guard duty. Jim and Gore catch up briefly and he warns them that there is a threat of vampires in the city that have been draining people’s blood. In the city the party meets Green who is promoting his father’s chirurgeon shop. The party are convinced to go there to try and reverse Cook’s negative mutation to his strength. Pensler scans Cook and says he can help. Cook pays 100 shins and an oddity for the procedure which removed the strange hairy lumps on his body which were also draining his vitality. The procedure works and Cook’s strength is restored (+1 to Might Edge). Cook unfortunately loses his sense numenera ability and his hedge magic ability is slightly decreased. They then travel to Gore’s parents’ Curiosity Shop/Pawn and Oddity shop. Gore catches up with his parents and they all have lunch. The woodsman is tired from travel so takes a nap after lunch.

The rest of the party then travel to the royal manor house to see Countess Tymora (Gerard’s aunt) who Gerard is surprised to find looks much younger than when last he saw her. The party offers to help with the vampire threat and the Countess agrees to have her consort Olan, the lord captain of the guard, fill then in on the situation. The party gets details on the attacks and two deaths so far; that they’ve been going on for a few months now, occur only at night, only young adults have been attacked, and attacks have occured only on one side of the city. One of the deaths occurred just a few days ago so they go to the morticians parlor and see the body. The body is of a young woman who has a puncture wound in the neck and is very pale. Bumble scans the body and finds that she was drained throughly of blood and fluid and there are metal particles in the puncture wound.

The party then returns to the manor for dinner with Tymora, Olan, and Gerard’s cousins. Gerard’s cousin Olivia is uncomfortably interested in him and her younger brother Zander is a bit immature and overly excited about the party wanting to know all of their adventures. Over dinner they are able to ascertain from Olivia that Tymora looks younger because of a numenera pod that aeon priest Lyra restored for the countess that she occasionally sleeps in overnight. At the conclusion of dinner Donnie, Lyra’s acolyte, comes in to present Gerard with a flight pack artifact in thanks for their help recovering the skyfall artifact days earlier. Tymora plans to use the recovered artifact as an air conditioner. At Olivia’s urging Tymora invites her nephew and his friends to stay the night at the manor and has servants prepare the guest quarters for them.

Dealing with the Syndicate's HQ in Shallamas

The party meets Tasna, a glaive who also does work for Petra and she joins the group. Interestingly she says she knew Bumble in his past before the amnesia but Bumble does not remember her at all. They all then break into the Syndicate’s HQ and although everyone else is asleep they are greeted by one syndicate agent with psychic and telekinetic powers who had resisted the powerful sleep cypher the party unleashed. He raises sleeping syndicate agents into a zombie-like sleepwalk state and attacks the party. They battle and slay him and loot the Syndicate base, most notably finding a document that indicates that Cook’s parents have been sent to the Scorpion Sanctum to be subjects in some Syndicate project.

Alansari frees Petra and fills him in on the party’s exploits. Petra thanks the party for their bravery and says that now that he is free he will work to undo the damage that the Syndicate caused by impersonating his communications and sabotaging the Order’s work. Petra rewards the party with several cyphers and an artifact called the fearmaker that the woodsman claims. The slave woman weeps over the unconscious body of her brother (the other slave) who is not recovering, so the woodsman works some of his forest medicine on him and brings him back to hale. She thanks the party for slaying Brizon and apologizes for her aid to their enemies earlier. Petra then suggests that it would be a good opportunity to strike at the Syndicate’s headquarters in the city since everyone there should be unconscious because of the massive sleep cypher that they set off.

In this time a glaive mercenary named Tasna who had been working for Petra on a different assignment shows up to report in. Petra trusts this agent so they introduce themselves and fill her in on the situation. Tasna has a grudge against the Syndicate as well and is happy to join up with the party on their mission. Tasna also mentions that she knows Bumble from her time as an unwilling participant in Syndicate experiments. Bumble was known to her as Geronf and he was a menial servant for the Syndicate. She knew that he had stolen things from the Syndicate and they also worked together to steal notes from the head scientist which Tasna took with her when she faked her own death and escaped. She is surprised to see Bumble here with new mods, nano powers, and with no memory of his former life. After these introductions are over the party sets off to investigate the Syndicate headquarters.

A pair of city guards hassle the party and tell them everyone is to stay in their homes until this curse is lifted. Gore lies and says they are headed to their house and they easily believe him and allow them to go. At the Syndicate HQ they find the front doors locked so Gerard phases through and unlocks it. As they begin to look around a Syndicate agent with incredible mind powers steps out onto the balcony of the room and says that he had resisted the effects of the sleep cypher with his powerful mind and that he will now kill them for trespassing. The telepath uses his power to raise the sleeping clerks and other workers in the office as sleepwalking zombies to attack the party. He also begins to use telekinesis to hurl desks at the party. Cook and Tasna step forward and begin to cut down the throng of zombies. Others of the party hurl projectiles at the telepath but only Gore lands a small hit with his buzzer blade. Some of the party decide to storm the balcony and scale the gated barriers in the way of the stairs to reach the telepath. Gerard uses an electroshock flashbang to destroy most of the rest of the zombies on the main floor. As the party closes in on him the telepath summons up a strong telekinetic wave shattering the large windows in the room and flinging the shards around the room cutting even the most nimble of the party. Bumble retreats outside the building being extremely hurt from the glass shards and being struck by a large desk earlier.

Tasna is the first up the stairs and the telepath hits her with a powerful mental onslaught. Tasna pushes onward and lands a hit on the telepath despite his strong telekinetic protections and wounds him grievously. Gore tumbled down the stairs in the storm of glass but gets back up and joins Tasna in the attack but the telepath’s telekinetic bubble is difficult to pierce and no other attacks land. The woodsman quickly tends to Bumble’s wounds outside bandaging his lacerations from the glass allowing Bumble to rally. The telepath had begun to retreat because of the first wound from Tasna, but Bumble reenters the room and lets off a final shot with his phase cannon aided by his targeting oculus cypher and lands a killing blow before the telepath can make it more than a few feet out the door from the balcony. The zombies fall down sleeping again and the party finishes off the rest of the Syndicate employees while they sleep.

The party then proceeds to loot the upstairs offices of any important looking documents. Most notably they locate a document containing the names of Cook’s parents. It appears that Cook’s parents have been taken to some place called the Scorpion Sanctum as subjects in some project the Syndicate is performing. Gore also finds another Syndicate mask and takes his clothing as well. In the back of the building the party finds a large vault which Gerard phases through and opens. Inside there is a secondary protection of an energy shield, but Bumble communicates with the device to deactivate it. The party then begin to loot all the small compartments in the vault finding shins, cyphers, oddities, and an assortment of papers and other junk.

Battle to Save Petra

The party battles and defeats Brizon and other syndicate agents to save High Priest Petra.

After a short rest the woodsman sneaks up the stairs and peaks into the next room. Inside Petra’s office he sees Brizon lounging in Petra’s desk chair with a glass of wine. A tube running from inside Brizon’s robes connects to a pale and sickly looking man in a slave collar. There is also a slave woman sitting on the steps to the next level and a murden crouched in the corner. The woodsman relays this information to the group and as Brizon notices them Cook rushes in with his biomech leg cypher and throws a coruscating bubble bomb blinding Brizon. Brizon reacts by activating a mirror image cypher and backing away from the flashing swarm of bubbles. The party rushes in to attack. Brizon blindly uses another cypher creating a wall of flames cutting the room in half. Gore attacks the murden but is poisoned in the effort, but the woodsman stems the progress of the poison with a hasty concoction. Cook rushes in to slay the murden with deft sweeps of his forearm blades. Alansari also finally got up the nerve to help and attempted to subdue the slave woman, but she sliped away running in terror up to the upper level. Alansari gives chase and sees her alert two other murdens and a shadowling that activates her cloaking suit. He also sees a badly injuryed Petra tied to a chair in his bed chamber. Alansair runs back down the stairs to warn the party of the reinforcements.

In the meantime Bumble has been using his cypher enchanted vision to pelt Brizon with phased energy slugs. Cook attempts to subdue Brizon, but Brizon pulls the slave connected to him with the tube in between them and Cook accidentally strikes the slave to unconsciousness. Brizon continues to retreat across the room disconnecting the tube from his abdomen with a spray of fluid. With a final shot Bumble strikes Brizon again, but he hurls himself out the window. Cook turns to face the two new incoming murden and takes them both down quickly with dual slashes of his blades. Gerard looks out the window to see Brizon’s ragged form floating gently down from the tower trying to make an escape. Throwing a couple energy sphere after Brizon’s body he manages to strike him blowing his body to bloody bits with only a dismembered arm still floating lightly down towards the ground.

While Gerard finishes off Brizon other party members build a small fire at the base of the stairs with murden corpses and other fodder set alight by the flame wall. Wisely the woodsman readies a shot and embeds an arrow into the invisible shadowling as she leaps through the smoke wall created by the small fire becoming briefly revealed. The arrow sinks deep and blood soaks a patch of the shadowling’s suit making her a slightly easier target but the party still struggles to land more hits against the nimble obscured form. With a stroke of ingenuity Alansari shatter a wine carafe covering the shadowling in spots of dark wine. With this aid the party is able to zero in on the elusive target and Bumble lands the killing blow with another phased slug.

With the threats dealt with Alansari rushes to free Petra and the party rejoices as they have successfully thwarted a clandestine power grab by the Syndicate.

Return to Shallamas & Mounting a Rescue

The party returns to Shallamas to give Petra the recovered skyfall and get their reward. They find Petra is held prisoner by the Syndicate in the Aeon Church and mount a rescue.

After leaving Lyra with the second repaired skyfall they return Nona to her village and then journey back to Shallamas. On the journey there Gore finishes fashioning the parts of the stargate into a teleportation cypher which will be the basis of his portal gun. Bumble has been working on communicating with the small nano-sprite swarm that began following him after the weather oracle’s shrine was freed of its infection. The swarm has begun responding to him, giving him updates of the temperature, humidity, etc and forming shapes at his command.

Since the Shallamas guard tried to arrest them when they were last in the city they hide the trogdor and the chocobos in a stand of trees and Gore and the woodsman sneak into the city by climbing over the wall. Inside the city they make their way to the Church of the Aeons where they find the entrance locked and guarded by two paladins, elite troops of the Order of Truth. Alansari is nearby and he informs them that the church is on lock down with Petra inside. Strange orders in Petra’s name have been issued sending loyal priests away on errands and doing things not in the best interest of the Order of Truth. Zorian, the priest in charge shrine of the ancients is taking control with Petra’s withdrawal. Alansari says there are Syndicate agents inside the church and he thinks Petra is a prisoner. The three rent a room at a nearby inn and they send Alansari to sneak the other three members of the party back into the city.

Meanwhile the rest of the party has run into Durzak the merchant and he sells them a cypher along with some parts that Gerard buys so that Gore can finish his portal gun. Alansari finds them and sneaks them into the city on a cart so that they can all meet up at the inn. They all rest and recover at the inn and Gore completes his prototype portal gun. In the morning they decide they will user Gerard’s neural disruptor cypher to knock out the whole population of the church so they can get in to see Petra. So as not to knock themselves out as well Gore fashions a remote activator for the cypher and they move to the outskirts of the city to a tavern where they activate the cypher and put everyone in the middle of the city to sleep with a giant wave of blue energy.

They make their way back to the church finding everyone along the way fast asleep. The paladins at the gate of the church are knocked out so the party kills one and feeds him the protoblood reviving him as a zombie to guard the gate. Inside they find syndicate agents all fast asleep and they slay them all as they make their way up to Petra’s chambers. They reach a laboratory on an upper level of the tower just below Petra’s quarters. The disruptor blast appears not to have reached up this far because there are 4 guards present who attack the party. They engage in a skirmish with the thugs while causing some mayhem by accidentally spilling chemicals and creating slick conditions, an obscuring cloud, and even a gelatinous monster. The party bests the four guards and the gelatinous creature in the battle and interrogate the final member of the syndicate guard before killing him. The last guard reveals that Petra is held captive by a high level syndicate agent known as Brizon who has a dead black eye that “sees everything” along with a couple of murden. The mudren’s “mental static” inhibits Petra’s psychic esoteries making him easy to contain. The party rest a moment and prepares for a big showdown with Brizon to rescue Petra.

The Second Skyfall

Genesta asks Gerard to speak to his aunt, the Countess, on behalf of the oppressed people of the Dark Hills. The party cannibalizes a stargate so Gore can start work on his portal gun. They then travel to the site of the next skyfall and after obtaining the aid of an old woman named Nona with a photographic memory they hunt down the two halves of the skyfall. One half is burning hot and the other is icy cold. The icy one already has a claim on it by the city of Bodrov. The party cons their way into obtaining the the icy artifact and combines the two which cancels the temperature extremes. They end up surrendering the complete artifact when Lyra, ranking aeon priest of Bodrov, challenges them over it. But they succeed in getting on her good side and for their help they have thanks and likely a reward waiting for them in Bodrov when they speak to Countess Tymora.

After a rest in the city of the hive mind the party sets out with Bumble driving the Trogdor back to the large power core they are trying to collect. Waiting at the power core are Skrzypek the enchanter and Genesta, the purple skinned freedom fighter of the Dark Hills. Skryzpek tells them that the nanosprites have brought him messages from the gods. They tell him that there is a stargate nearby that they party might be interested in and they also whispered to him that Gerard is of noble blood and nephew to the Countess of Bodrov.

The enchanter relayed Gerard’s pedigree to Genesta and she has a request for him the next time he is in Bodrov. She wants Gerard to convince his aunt to allow people of the Dark Hills to move back into the abandoned city of Thrax at the edge of the Dark Hills. Thrax was attacked by troops when they refused to pay taxes and tried to assert their independence from Navarene. If Countess Tymora would consent to allow willing people of the Dark Hills to re-establish a community here to escape the oppression of Lord Atto of Dross she could simultaneously disrupt the Lord of Dross’ consolidation of power over the Dark Hills and gain new citizens and tax revenue in her county. Genesta gives Gerard sexy eyes to try to encourage him to help.

They collect the power core with the Trogdor’s beefy arms and from here they journey to the Stargate in the Dark Hills where Gore successfully harvests parts that put him well on his way to building the portal gun idea he has been working on. After this they set off towards the direction of another skyfall which is marked just southeast of Bodrov on their map. Near the approximate touchdown site they enter a forest of strange translucent columns of synth with shiny metallic leaves spreading out just at the very top. The party finds lumberjacks harvesting theses “trees” and asks them about the skyfall. They direct the party to their small village where an old spinster reported having seen bright streaks of light fall from the sky a few days ago. The party follows their directions to the old woman’s shack.

Knocking on the door of the shack they find the Nona unkempt and dirty with a faraway look in her eyes. Gore buys a spool of her thread and the Gerard tries to sweet talk the information about the skyfalls out of her. She shrugs off Gerard’s apparent sexual advance and reveals the only sexual companionship she needs is her perfectly photographic memory of her time with a handsome young man when she was also young and beautiful. She admits to seeing where they skyfalls came down, but only agrees to spend the time guiding them there is they can give her another interesting experience she can relive over and over in her mind to pass away the boring hours of her old life spinning thread. The party accepts the challenge and constructs a “Ninja Warrior” style obstacle course and utilize the influence of the “cat’s grace” potion that the woodsman ingested earlier to allow him to put on a spectacular show. Sufficiently amused Nona agrees to guide the party to the skyfall in the fading light.

The skyfall actually split into two bits when it fell and they arrive at the first only to find it radiating an intense heat and are unable to successfully collect it. Upon checking out the second one they find 3 guards from Bodrov around the crater and a young aeon priest named Donnie trying unsuccessfully to collect the artifact which is intensely cold and covers the ground around it in hoar frost. They convince Donnie that since Gerard is the nephew of the Countess and they have a writ from High Priest Petra empowering them to collect the skyfalls they should be allowed to take it. They use the Trogdor to collect the artifact, but since it freezes to its arm they have to leave their powercore behind while they take the artifact back to join it with its other half. Bumble is able to rejoin the halves which cancels out both temperature extremes. It is dark by this time, but the party pushes onward to get back to their powercore. Bumble stumbles into a sinkhole with the Trodgor and the party is forced to spend many hours and a couple cyphers to see in the dark and make a winch to drag the Trogdor out of the hole.

By the time they get back to the powercore they find more guards and Lyra, Countess Tymora’s senior advisor and the ranking aeon priest of Bodrov waiting there for their return. She demands they return the artifact because they had full salvage rights to it. The party finally decides to give her the whole reformed artifact and play it off like they had just been trying to help the whole time and that Donnie had been obstructing them from doing so. Lyra buys their story and scolds the acolyte for his incompetence and obstruction. She invites them to see the Countess when they are in Bodrov to be thanked for their help with the recovery and possibly receive a reward. The party collects the powercore and beds down for the night before they set out for Shallamas in the morning to present the powercore to Petra and receive their reward.

City of the Hivemind

The party arrives at the city of the dirt children’s parents where all the adults are part of a hivemind. The party frees the hivemind from oppressive control of one man inhabiting all the minds of the population and restores full power to the whole city preserving and enhancing their way of life. The city happily grants the use of the trogdor to the party as thanks.

The party arrives at the city of the dirt children’s parents after their Mad Max: Fury Road style battle over the desert plain. The city is hidden within the dark glassy hills to the south and is the remnants of an ancient city. In the center of the city is a ruined spire that is wreathed with a strange green flame. They are met by one of the adult citizens who is serving as an emissary of the “One”, the hive mind that all the adults are a part of. The emissary thanks the party for the return of the children and agrees to let them use the Trogdor. Since Bumble has not figured out how to fully control the Trogdor yet he stays to work on that and the emissary escorts the party to a place to rest. Gerard reads the hive mind and feels an overwhelming singular consciousness within the mind of the citizens. The party is escorted to a structure and given food, water, and a place to rest. The party wants to investigate so slips out without their attendants noticing. While they are sneaking around the city the citizens all fall unconscious at the same time, which the children had mentioned the adults were doing more and more, and the tower in the center of the ruins burns with a duller bluish flame. They investigates a large domed structure within the city and they find a man in stasis who they figure out is the consciousness controlling the hive. They sever the man from the hive and journey out to flaming spire.

They gain access to the spire and climb up to the top to find two beams colliding that create the fire around the structure, but one beam is flickering erratically. Down within the bowels of the structure they find two cylinders from which the beams originate. There are rainbow spheres within the cylinders and in one cylinder a few are broken. They remove the spheres completely cutting the power and attempt to leave but find they are unable to activate the doors without power. The try to figure out how to fix the power with the working spheres and finally after struggling for awhile with the puzzle Gore just repairs one of the spheres and the power is restored with both beams going strongly and the fire around the tower turns to a reddish color. They send Gerard to phase back through the door of the structure to remove the spheres again to cut power, for some reason. Back in the city all the citizens have been awakened into a state of individual consciousness. They said that after the controlling consciousness was removed they were in a collective hive mind that they liked because they were accustomed to the collective consciousness and they feel helpless and alone without it. The party decides to return the full power to the spire so the city can return to the collective hivemind. Bumble has gained control of the Trogdor by this time so the party can leave. Bumble also informs them that the Trogdor needed to charge from the spire so it is fully charged now that the spire is at full power, but will deplete eventually away from the city. After accepting some cyphers and other gifts the grateful citizens offer them they set off to collect the giant power core with the Trogdor.


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