Game world summary

Numenera takes place on Earth one billion years in the future. Earth is now known as the Ninth World by some because legend holds the civilizations of Earth have previously climbed to the heights of advanced society and technology 8 times before subsequently disappearing or meeting with cataclysmic disaster. The Ninth World is a young civilization built on the bones of those ancient civilizations.

The setting for this campaign is the Steadfast. This is a relatively civilized area of the ninth world which is divided into 9 nations each with their own rulers, language, customs, & laws. At its core Steadfast society is only about as advanced as medieval Europe but they make use of the many technologies of the past ages left behind. Scavengers, scrappers, and adventures, explore ancient ruins and retrieve bits of ancient technology and material which are incorporated into the lives of the people of this era. The advanced technologies of past ages are collectively known as the numenera. The past civilizations mastered technology so advanced that they are indistinguishable from magic by many people. Most people barely understand the numenera and hold fearful or superstitious views, while others take more curious or scientific approaches to the numenera.

The Order of Truth is a collection of people who take this scientific approach to the numenera and because of this have gained great knowledge of and mastery over them. Since the numenera are so important to the people of the Steadfast the Order holds great clout. Their influence is similar to the Catholic church’s power within Europe in medieval times. They use some of their power to help maintain relative order within the Steadfast.