The Woodsman's Inventory

Cyphers (Max 2):

  • Ghostly Veil (lvl 2) – tube of goo, refracts light if smeared on a person or equipment reducing the difficulty of stealthy actions by 1 step
  • Cat’s Grace (lvl. 5) – The bottle says “Cat’s Grace” on the label. A cloud of sparkling mist dances within the bottle as if with some intelligence. Bottle of nanites that can be inhaled. Will increase the grace, balance, and stealth of the user by 3 steps. The next 5 times they perform such an action they will gain the bonus but the nanites will cease to function after 28 hours.


  • -


  • Octagonal amulet – Small octagonal tile on a leather cord. The tile is black in color by day and changes to sky blue in color at night.
  • Face compass egg – Metallic egg with a human face on one side. Face smiles more the closer to the south the person holding it faces.
  • Golden disc – This small disc has a red gem at the center encircled by 2 rows of buttons with imprinted symbols. It is supposed to activate a teleporation network.
  • Fish bracelet – This bracelet has the images of 6 fish on it. If a finger is run over the length of the bracelet it activates the images of 6 holographic fish that “swim” in the air around the user for about 1 minute.
  • Metallic mask – Fits perfectly on your face and changes expression when you do

The Woodsman's Inventory

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