The Dark Hills

A desolate area in the south of Navarene that has little life and sparse population. The lightly rolling hills are covered with black oily particles of drit that prevents most plants from growing here. Beyond the foot hills jut small mountains of dark obsidian and glass colored black and purple, making travel through the Dark Hills impractical. Some rivers do run from these mountains, but the oily drit makes even the riversides mostly barren. The iron wind is also known to be overly active in this region. Most people go around this wasteland making it an effective natural boarder. And being so undesirable no other nation bothers to truly enforce any claim on the region.

The people that live here are mostly know to be exiles and the undesirable castoffs of society. The Dark Hills are home to many ruins and remnants of the ancients. Scraps of ancient technology and structures can be found buried in the drit and rutting up from the ground dotted across the landscape. Many of the residents here are scavengers of the numenera and some people even come here by choice to scavenge and glean the treasures of past aeons.


  • Dross – Defacto capital of the region. The despotic Baron Atto rules from here concentrating the meager wealth of the Dark Hills at his stronghold.
  • Thrax – Abandoned city on the edge of the region.
  • Bandish – Small village ruled by the mayor Amel, appointed by the Lord of Dross. The citizens all work as drit farmers, combing the lands for numenera scraps and selling them to Amel for food to live.
  • Forest of Glass – Area filled with strange twisted glassy structures resembling leafless trees. The enchanter Skrzypek and the freedom fighter Genesta and her small resistance group.
  • The Commune – An anarcho-syndicalist commune at the edge of Dross’ reach of power. The shrine of the weather oracle is just outside their town.
  • City of the Hivemind – The ruins of an ancient city hidden behind a glassy mountains deep in the Dark Hills. The citizens here are all joined in a hivemind by an ancient device and survive off the bounty of the mostly broken devices of the ancient city.

The Dark Hills

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