Large and prosperous northern most country of The Steadfast with a population of 1.5 million. Navarene is the warmest country in the Steadfast with some of the richest farm and grazing land. There are still seasons here but winters are usually mild with snowfall being rare.

The country is ruled by Queen Armalu from the capital of Charmonde. The country is a strict hierarchy that functions under a system of feudalism. The queen is said to own the entire country and has absolute authority over everything within it. The queen appoints dukes that carry out most functions of government in her name. The dukes grant direct rule of the country to counts who control large areas of land known as counties. In return for power the counts owe fealty to the dukes, pay tribute to them, and direct their armies as bidden. The count divides the county up into smaller fiefs which they grant to barons in return for their fealty, tax tribute, and military submission. The peasants that live within a fiefdom own fealty to their land baron and either pay tribute or serve in the military of a baron.

There is also a significant burgher class in the country consisting of merchants, artisans, and the erudite who make up much of the population of larger settlements. Additionally Navarene has a considerable number of slaves and indentured servants, mostly owned by nobles and wealthy burghers.



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