Cook's Inventory

Cyphers (Max 2):

  • Quicksilver Sphere (lvl. 5) – A sphere of liquid metal. Squeeze the sphere and concentrate. It extends into a tentacle like appendage of liquid metal attached to your arm.
    Can strike or grasp and hold within short range. Medium weapon with one step advantage to hit. Lasts for 5 minutes.
  • Biomech Legs (lvl. 4) – Large three-toed boots covered in leathery biomatter scales. When activated the boots and slide up to cover the user up to the waist. Temporarily gain move up to long distance as part of an action for 1 hour.


  • Symbiote (lvl 6)
    Depletion: 1 in 1d10
    A flat nodule of tissue equipped with a round, toothed mouth on one side and a great roaming red eye on the other. The user must position the parasite so it can bite his skin. The parasite sinks its teeth into his skin and remains there. The bite inflicts 1 point of damage. While in place, the parasite draws sustenance from its host, reducing his Might Pool by 1. The parasite automatically activates whenever the user fails a Might or Speed defense roll. An orifice opens on the parasite and sprays corrosive slime at a target of the user’s choice within immediate range. The slime inflicts damage equal to the artifact level. The damage penetrates (ignores) up to 2 Armor.


  • Self repairing crystal – This multifaceted nearly spherical crystal is the size of a large marble and milky white. The crystal easily shatters into a multitude of tiny shards that begin to glow and vibrate within a few seconds of separation and then quickly move to reform themselves into their original shape. Belonged to Cook’s father.
  • Heart crystal – Teardrop shaped crystal that pulses with red-gold light in time to the heartbeat of anyone touching it. Belonged to Cook’s mother.
  • Red Duster – This synth coat is resistant to dirt and wrinkles in additional to granting an asset to resist fire damage. Also looks pretty anime chic. Gift from Skrzypek.

Cook's Inventory

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