Fury Road Battle on a Trogdor

After waking the next day the party speaks to a group of dirty children who have mysteriuos showed up recenlty at the commune riding a metal creature like a brontosaurus with many legs and two beefy arms. A girl named Wist who looks about 16 but speaks like a small child tells them that their village is in trouble. The party agrees to help the group and they all mount up on the “Trogdor”, which is controlled mentally by a young boy called Cup.

They encounter Wendigos in an area covered in unnatural darkness. In a fury road style battle they fight the Wendigos and defend the Trogdor and the children. Bumble syncs with the Trogdor as well and gains control of the arms and tail. After some practice he is able to use the arms to grab and crush a Wendigo and drop it under the many feet. Cook’s blade is stuck in a enemy he slays and he falls off but is able to expertly recover and rejoin the party. Bumble uses the tail to slap and finish off the last few following attackers and they outpace the remaining wendigos and emerge past the unnatural darkness.

They round some mountains of black glass and arrive at the outskirts of the city the dirt children originate from. In the distance past the city they can see a tall tower burning with green fire.

Liberating the Weather Oracle

After securing the power core the party follows Skrzypek to his place. He gives them a few gifts including a long red coat which grants some fire resistance for Cook.

Following Skrzypek’s directions they journey to find a “shrine” where the source of the sand creatures and the weather anomalies may be found. Along the way they encounter an anarcho-syndicalist commune living at the edges of the influence of the domain of Lord Atto, the baron of the city of Dross.

From there they finally make their way to the “shrine” and enter. They find black metallic tendrils with orange and green veins growing around on the ancient structure. The weather oracle calls out in Bumble’s mind again with requests for repairs.

The party encounter a barrier of blue electric tentacles that are also blocking the way and also seem to be fending off the black tendrils. Party plans to cut through them, but Bumble finds a pool of liquid that when he touches it he can interact with the system and retract the blue tentacles.

Further on in the complex they find a control center for the weather oracle that the black tendrils are invading and trying to control while blue electrified tentacles fight them off.

Following another passage from that room they and find a big black metallic blob flashing with orange electric inside on the ceiling that is is the source of the tendrils. A crackling electric voice offers to let them have the power core and to stop the storms if they will deactivate the oracle in the other room and let it have complete control. The party makes a decision to aide the oracle over the invading entity and engage in a grueling battle with it. Junior almost dies and runs from the room only to hears the sandmen approaching through the passageway. The party destroys the entity just before the reinforcements arrive. Junior may now have some PTSD from nearly dying so many times.

The oracle regains control and stabilizes the weather in the area around the “Shrine”. A blue glowing mass of nanites begins to follow Bumble. The party returns to the commune they were at previously and rest for the night.

Adventuring in the Dark Hills

After a restful night the party sets off and travels for another whole day uneventfully. The road passes through mostly wilderness, but there are scattered farmsteads and towns as well as the constant smattering of ruins from past aeons. Some ancient structures are hidden beneath plants, rocks, and dirt; others are prominent with silvery spires that can be seen for miles or floating monoliths that serve as reference points for a hundred miles around them. The party finally camps for the night beneath the light of the green full moon and the various other skylights that either dance quickly around the sky or journey so slowly they seem static.

Waking with the sun they set out turning southwest towards the Dark Hills down a very sparsely traveled path. The Dark Hills are known as a barren wasteland with few people and many dangers including frequent and fierce iron wind storms. As they draw closer the black oily drit for which the region is named is lightly coated, but it begins to make plant life more sparse. To the right up ahead are what appears to be the remnants of a town. In the distance the increasingly barren black hills roll ahead for many miles before large formations of obsidian and glass of dark purple and black completely obscure the horizon. The skyfall should be this side of the obsidian and glass mountains and in this general direction. They should hurry if they want to lay claim to it and the other skyfalls before other scavengers or explorers who might be searching them out as well.

The party first climb on a hill and survey the area. They see a settlement in the distance and get a better look at the ruined town. They briefly explore the ruined town (which they will learn was called Thrax) before setting out for the structures they can see ahead. Bumble gets a warning from a “weather oracle” that warns of severe atmospheric conditions in the area.

The next group of structures they come upon the shanty town of Bandish. Outside the town they talk to a drit farmer scrabbling in the drit looking for shiny things who says he used to live in Thrax and explains how the Lord of Dross and the Mayor of Bandish are oppressing the people here.

They enter the shanty town and go to a silver bubble in the center of town. Inside the bubble they find Amel, a giantess who is mayor of the town. She greets them warmly and welcomes them to her city. Gerard tries to parlay with her but she blows him off because he is so small. Goredard explains they are just passing through and looking for some shelter. She shows them to a hovel they can stay in. They investigate the town a little more not wanting to leave because of an impending storm. Bumble uses his breather symbiote and dives to the bottom of the lake adjacent to the town. At the bottom he finds a cypher and a few shins. They wait around a bit longer and Bumble gets another weather warning. The storm picks up around them and the group abandons the hovel they are in, take their chocobos and break into Amel’s silver bubble house with Bumble’s remote activation ability. Gore negotiates for their shelter in the dome with the addition of a bribe of 25 shins. The party rides out the storm safely inside and bide their time. Bumble practices his meditation and hears the chaotic “voices” of the iron wind, Gerard studies the language in his monocle, the woodsman carves some bones, Cook works on fashioning a vest from ravage bear skin, and Gore works on some of his tech crafting. After the storm passes they leave the dome and sleep for the night.

The next day they survey the devastation of the iron wind and speak to a peasant and ask if they noticed the skyfall days ago. He says issues of the heavens and such are not his concern and are matters for magicians and enchanters. They ask if he knows of any such people and he directs them to a man named Skrzypek who might be found in the glass woods a few hours away. They proceed to the glass woods and encounter a trap which activates 6 flying blades. They take down the blades with some help from Bumble’s deactivation ability. After surviving the trap a purple woman (named Genesta) in a stygian green cloak calls out and ask what their business is here and if they are agents of the Lord of Dross come to destroy them. They assure her they are not on the side of the Lord and they are searching for something fallen from the sky. She takes them to Skrzypek who has a helmet with metal horns and a staff he uses to blast fire. He claims to be a sorcerer gaining his power from the gods and finds it very invigorating to blow things up. He is found near a crater made by a large glowing sphere which they determine is a power source. While they are investigating it sandworms grasp the core. Skrzypek tries to burn them but more sand worms suddenly attack entangle the sorcerer and Cook. The worms draw power from the core and use it to summon sandmen to fight and generate more sandworms to bolster their number. Gore uses a cypher to create an electromagnetic shield around the core which does a great deal to stop the worms siphoning the power and prevent them from regenerating. In a difficult and protracted battle they fight off the attackers and free Skrzypek who is able to make quick work of the remaining creatures with his fire esoteries. They salvage an artifact (phased slugspitter) from one of the sandmen. They take stock of themselves after the battle and securing the power core feeling that they’ve come a long way in the world and gained a good deal of experience and power. (Everyone levels up to Tier 2)

Search for the Skyfalls - The Journey Begins

The party goes to see Petra again to get their final instructions before departure. He gives them a map with the locations of the skyfalls as close as his contacts can estimate them. He also mentions that shady city officials are obstructing their investigation of the theft. He thinks that the Syndicate has a hand behind this and doesn’t want him to unravel their direct involvement and the corruption of the city government. The party then collects their chocobos at the church’s stables. Cook chooses the gold chocobo (Moogle), Gore the red one (Ifrit), Bumble the green one (Titan), the woodsman the black one (Odin), and Gerard the blue one (Shiva). The party then makes their way towards the west gate. They meet Durzak again and buy another powerful but dangerous cypher from him.

On their way they are stopped by two guards who try to detain them. The woodsman immediately bolts away. The others follow, but Gore is pulled from his saddle. With a little help from Bumble and Gerard he is able to remount and escape with the others. The guards sounded the alarm though and as they try to escape riding they encounter 4 guards blocking their way at the gates with halberds and the gates begin to close. Bumble lobs his spore sack cypher into the midst of the guards dispersing the spores among them. They scatter as they are gripped by strange hallucinations allowing the party to safely ride out of the city.

The party decides to investigate the skyfall in the Dark Hills first so they set out west along a main road. They ride half a day uneventfully before being ambushed by two ravage-bears along the road. The party engages the creatures and although Cook and Gore get a bit mauled they manage to send one running and slay the second. The bears appear to have been making meals of travelers and amongst the undigested bits of vomit they find two cyphers.

They rest up after the battle and continue on their way. As dusk sets in they notice two huge metallic colossuses lumbering south from some hills towards the road. The party continues on the road; when the colossuses reach the road one turns east but the other turns west and follow along behind them. The party veers off the road into the hills away from the path of the giant creature, but Moogle becomes spooked and takes off running with Cook causing the colossus to lope quickly after them. The woodsman tries to distract the creature and Cook manages to hide himself and Moogle. The creature crushes a few boulders looking for them but finally returns to the road and lumbers away. The woodsman finds them a hidden niche in the hillside and they bed down for the night.

Return from the Red Swamp

As the party makes their way through the red swamp they hear a crashing sound coming through the trees and closing on them. They hide themselve and see a ramshackle hut on mechanical bird legs come into view. Perched on the hut’s roof are some of the blue winged creatures the party avoided fighting previously. A cackling old woman’s voice booms from the hut threatening the unseen trespassers in her woods before the hut walks away. Two of the blue creatures stay behind and search through the woods. The party tries to escape unseen, but are Cook sinks in soft mud up to his waist and the creatures attack the party before they have a chance to free him. Goredard pulls Cook free, but he lands on his back covered in mud and one of the creatures jumps on Cook’s chest and claws him. Cooks sinks his dual blades into the creature and Goredard strikes the creature with his staff, killing it and sending its dead body sprawling, ending with an impressive twirl and flourish of his staff. The other creatures tries to call out to summon the hut back but Bumble strikes the creature in the throat with an energy blast. The creature tries to run but Gerard scurries quickly on his tiny legs and cuts the creature off. The creature takes flight but the woodsman strikes it with an arrow knocking it dead from the sky.

The party make their way out of the red swamp and once a safe distance away they camp for the night. In the morning they wake and investigate a pile of rubble built up under an ancient hovering structure they see in the distance. The rubble turns out to be a mix of stones, ancient building materials, and numenera debris purposefully piled there by a man lounging on the top of the pile smoking a hookah-like device and puffing rainbow smoke. The party searches among the rubble and discover some oddities and other bits of equipment which they haggle with the man over. The woodman waits impatiently while the rest of the party sifts through the pile of junk.

They finally move on and head back to the city of Shallamas. In the city they go to the Church of the Aeons to speak with High Priest Petra. They return the stolen microbe coolers and inform him of their slaying of the bandit king. Petra invites them each of ingest a tube of the microbes which will colonize near their brainstem and allow them to understand most common languages spoken throughout the Steadfast. (Goredard pockets a tube of microbes.) Petra also sends Alansari to tell the stable master that 5 chocobo are to be outfitted and set aside for the party to have as mounts. Petra then charges the party with investigating the numenera that fell from the sky a few days ago for anything of value or interest. He mentions that the stargates will still have to be secured and would potentially like the party to be a part of that later. The party beds down at the church and does some shopping the next day in preparation for their next journey.

Infiltrating the Bandit Camp

The party travels from Shallamas to the Red Swamp in the east. The woodsman uses tracking to locate a mass of tangled vines grown into a large sphere that appeared to have a lot of foot traffic to it. Inside the vine formed shelter the party finds that a group of blue furred creatures with claws and bat-like wings have taken up residence in there and that there are remains of a few dead bodies inside. Stealthily the woodsman tries to investigate the bodies but the creatures are alerted to his presence and become aggressive. The woodsman uses his expert knowledge of the wilds and sings a song to sooth the savage beasts and then escapes with a map that was found on one of the bodies. The bodies appear to be members of the bandit gang so the woodsman uses the map to navigate to where they hope the rest of the bandits will be holed up. While traveling there a tentacled beast attacks from beneath the water while they cross over on a platform of large lily pads. Things look bad briefly for the party as Gerard Jr. falls into the water and Cook gets his blade stuck in the tentacle flesh but the woodsman injects the creature with a poison cypher and as it becomes temporarily paralyzed and sinks beneath the water the party flees.

The party finally comes to a giant humanoid automaton half submerged into the swamp that has a camp on top of the chest surrounded by fairly deep waters. The only easy access is an arm that acts as a ramp to the camp, but there is a force shield blocking the way and guards protecting the shield generator. The party take the hard way up by scaling the side and using rope to bring everyone up. Sneaking through the tents of sleeping men Bumble stumbles and rouses one of the bandits who groggily pops out of his tent. Goredard uses the psychic rings cypher to fill the man’s mind with “Sleep!!!” so he does not alert the camp. After the bandit is safely asleep they split his throat and continue. The party enters the open mouth of the automaton and descend down through the innards finally coming to a room with a depression filled with pillows in which they find the Bandit King asleep with two concubines. They move stealthily and kill all three simultaneously in their sleep and the woodsman takes the Bandit King’s femur as a prize. They find a pile of loot in the room including the coolers for the microbes that Petra sent them after as well as an artifact identified as a mephitic staff which Goredard takes. They slink from the internal chamber back to the ramp and take the guards by surprise killing them with more throat slitting. Deactivating the force shield they escape safely into the night towards Shallamas.

Investigating a Theft in Shallamas

The party follows Alansari to a shrine of the ancients, adjacent to an apartment for the Order, in the Eastern Market area of the city by the East gate.

The party learns that Bandit King and his crew stormed through the city gates and went directly to the storeroom behind the shrine where two containers of translator microbes were being held. The microbes were to be distributed throughout the Steadfast and allow the Aeon Priests and their agents to understand any of the languages spoken throughout the Steadfast.

The party first question Zorian, the priest in charge of the shrine where the microbes were stolen from. She says that the Order has things under control and that their help is unneeded. While in the midst of their investigation a merchant named Durzak picks them out as adventures and tries to sell them a “artifact” that has psychic control power. The party identify it as only a cypher and bargain him down to a good price and Gerard Jr. buys it from him. The party goes to a tavern and Gore chats up the locals and buys them a round. They learn about the bandit raid and that the Bandit King is probably hold up in the Red Swamp south east of the city. Alansari ends up getting a little drunk for the first time on a “long island” provided by the party while at the tavern. The party then proceeds to the gates to question the guards there about the attack.

At the gate Gerard chats up Lammal, one of the guards there, and offers the old guard to drink his wine cask with him when he gets off duty. Gerard meets Lammal in an alley near the gate and learns from him that the guards on duty when the bandits managed to storm through the gate unimpeded were Evert and Orza. Evert is an older guard who Lammal says is lazy, and Orza is new to the guard force. The party suspects that Orza is possibly in the employ of someone and allowed the bandits in on purpose. Gerard and Lammal finish the wine cask and Gerard may have given Lammal an old fashion afterwards, no one else was in the alley so it’s impossible to say for sure.

The party return to the Church of Truth in the center of the city to report to Petra. They sleep there overnight and set off early in the morning for the Red Swamp south east of the city.

Entering Shallamas

The party travels west on the Wyr for a few days then up the Ingal river, a tributary of the Wyr, and docks in Drammon. Drammon is a port town just south of Shallamas. The party spends one last night on the ship and Bumble dreams of looking into a mirror but the face he sees looking back at him is the face of an old man. The party sees a streak across the sky as they disembark and sees multiple objects fall from the sky towards the ground in the distance.

While making their way through the crates piled around near the dock invisible assassins try to kill the party. With great effort they dispatch the assassins. The assassins had special numenera suits to make them invisible, and one had a message on them that made it obvious that the assassins had been specifically instructed where to find the party and to kill them. It is not known by who.

They make their way out of Drammon and travel north into the large trade city of Shallmas that was the home town of Cook. The party experiences one of the “echoes” that the city is know for, which is the ghost-like apparitions of people replaying events that have already past. The party meets the High Priest Petra at the Order of Truth’s Church in the middle of the city. Petra is in charge of all the Aeon priests in this region. Dobbins, Senna, and Chaalk defer to him and give him a report of the events since they encountered the spiders at their dig site.

Petra meets privately with the party and expresses his thanks for the party’s good work. He pays them for their work and also manages to get them to give up their gate access key for a bonus. He also express interest in contracting them to do some work for him. Much of his help has been called away north to the crusades and Petra needs capable and competent help that he believes he can trust.

He wants them to further investigate the stargates and potentially move some of the gates from their locations to more strategic locations. He also believes the skyfall they saw earlier in the day was an omen from the ancients and the party should investigate the site for gifts from the ancients. But first Petra wants the party to take care of an important and sensitive issue for him. The Bandit King Poelle and his lackeys have stolen something of great importance to him and Order and he sends the party with his young apprentice Alansari to investigate and hopefully bring the stolen property back without too much fuss.

Journey through Thaemor

The party continues northward from the town that was overtaken by abhumans. They travel along the path for days with mountains to the east and forest to the west. They see a few farmsteads that look abandoned and run down. Bumble picks up a glimmer from the datasphere that appears to just his mind. A woman with 4 arms, 3 faces and 2 extra floating hands appears before him and warns of severe weather incoming. The party takes shelter on his advice and are spared the worst of a thunderstorm with lightning and high winds.

Eventually they arrive at a walled city called Osgar. The guards make them wait and be inspected by a physician before entering because of fear of the fungal infection. They also chastise the party for indecent exposure for leaving their entire faces uncovered. The group fashions some face coverings and enters into the city. The party goes to the market while the priests and diggers seek out the Order of Truth’s church in the city. The party spends a long time in the market, but after much discussion finally decides not to buy anything and head to the church. The church in the city is small and the priest there can only provide them with information on their location and the best way to travel. The churches in Thaemor are mostly new and underfunded since the ruler of the nation just recently allowed the Order official access to the nation. Goredard spends some time looking through the church library.

The party goes out to a tavern that evening and makes a contract with a man named Ramash who works on one of the trading vessels that travels on the Tarcil, the river which the city is adjacent to and has a large port on. After spending the night at the church the party heads to the docks to meet with Ramash. On their way to find the ship they see the dockmaster. The dockmaster is wearing one of the metal masks that changes with the wearer’s expression that they know the agents of the Syndicate to wear. Gore puts on the mask the woodsman acquired earlier and has Bumble put on the other matching mask that he has in his possession and accompanies him. Cook speculates that perhaps Bumble has this mask in his possession because he was a member of the Syndicate before he lost his memories.

Gore speaks with the dockmaster, whose name is Saren, and is able to convince him that he is a Syndicate member. He is invited to Saren’s house for some tea and discussion. Gore manages to get away with his ruse the whole time. Saren asks if he will be booking passage to the Sanctuary but Gore tells him that he has other secret business to attend to.

After leaving Saren’s house Gore rejoins the party and they find Ramash’s ship. Ramash arranges for the whole party to have passage on the ship for 5 shins a piece. The captain also demands payment for the drones so Gore pays 10 shins for them. The trade ship sets sail north up the river Tarcil bound for Navarene.

Exploring a new land

Gerard Jr. manages to bring himself back into proper phase covered in strange light bending goo. Goredard manages to fashion an effective converter for Bumble’s port. Bumble interfaces with the tower’s system and is able to send away the flying blades and the two other automatons headed to their location clearing the party’s way for escape. With the town to the east located the party returns to retrieve the rest of their traveling band to head that way.

When they return to the mountains they find Dobbins, who is an even more nervous gibbering mess, with Chaalk the other priest. Chaalk tells them that the young digger boy in the band went exploring and returned as a hulking monstrosity. The diggers were very upset by this and they’ve formed an angry mob to confront the mutants by the giant crystals. The party finds Croxley and Jori fending off the mob with the flailing tendrils growing on the ground which have become engorged and violent. Digby is there as well, he has grow taller and more muscled with thick reddish skin like a carapace. He has an additional pair of crab-like arms coming from his abdomen, a pair of antennae on his head, a third eye on his forehead, and possibly other less visible mutations… He says Croxley told him he is the chosen of Mehir and that he is meant for great things. He wants to stay with Croxley and realize his destiny which is greater than digging holes for the rest of his life. The diggers are arguing with him and trying to attack the mutants who they blame for Digby’s horrible transformation. Gerard Jr. uses his excellent people skills to diffuse the situation and make the diggers see that Digby should make his own decision. They aren’t entirely happy but agree to stop attacking and come away with the party. Croxley says that Mehir has chosen Digby as his divine vessel and that it is time for them to go out into the world and spread the word of Mehir once again. Croxley fetches his giant centipede Bourdois and leaves Mehir’s Teeth in the care of Jori so he and Digby can accompany the party through the portal into new lands.

On the other side of the portal the woodsman leads the large band through the tangled and marshy forest. They camp at the edge of the forest that night. In the morning they notice a herd of Chocobo in the more open fields to the east. The woodsman is unable to successfully capture one so they all head out over the more open terrain towards the town. As they walk they notice they are being watched by a cloaked figure. Gerard Jr. and Goredard break off from the party to speak with the observer. As they near the figure shouts “Ignore Me!” in a strange mechanical voice and moves away over the hill. The two press forward and question the figure for more information. Getting closer they notice the figure’s robes float several inches above the ground with no visible feet and within the cowl all they can make out is a purplish metallic oval rimmed in silver. They have a confusing conversation with the figure for a few minutes learning nothing definitively. Finally the watcher says “beginnings and endings are irrelevant” while turning away from them and disappears in a blink of multicolored static.

They all travel a bit further and are suddenly right in the path of a herd of chocobo stampeding to get away from flying predators diving down on them. They try having Senna form a shield in front of them but she buckles under the pressure so the woodsman gets to the front with Digby and they make loud predator noises which succeeds in parting the stampede around them safely. The finally reach the town around midday, but find no people around. Cook says the town smells of fungus and opts to keep an eye on the rest of the band because of the overpowering smell. The rest of the party enters the town to investigate.

They discover the town is inhabited by large black bird abhumans who hide around corners and in buildings and pelt them with stones and debris. The former inhabitants of the town appear to have fallen to a horrible fungal plague that infected and finally killed them erupting mushrooms from the corpse’s eyes and mouth. The abhumans use the mushroom spores against the party in their guerilla warfare and Gerard inhales a lungful of them becoming infected, but fighting off their effects for the time being. The party battle and kill a couple of the creatures. They find the creatures collect sacks of worthless odds and ends, but they do find a few shins among the mix. The save 2 shins aside for Cook knowing how excited he’ll be. The woodsman also finds a weird root that seems to have some medical properties and claims a small knife that an abhuman tried to poison him with. After burning down two buildings the party uses the distraction to sneak away and explore the city. They find stores of potatoes along with other preserved food within the town. They try to sneak out with their loot but are discovered and have to make a break away. Goredard falls behind and is forced to hold his breath as he runs through a giant plume of spores. The party all make it out safely and the abhumans do not give chase.

The party circle the town wide and begin following a cart path north. After another few hours of travel they set camp for the night. Gerard Jr. awakens with with a nasty cough. He shakes off the worst of the effects but they fear that he is infected with the fungal spores. The woodsman uses the weird root he found with other herbs to concoct a bitter healing draught which Gerard Jr. drinks and rids himself of the fungal infection. The party then sets off north in hopes of coming across some less terrible civilization.


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