The woodsman (Gina)

Rugged jack who lives in the wilderness


The woodsman is a man in his mid 40s, he’s lean and muscular with sun dark skin and stands 5’7". His light brown hair touched with grey reaches his upper back and is tied back with a cord. His beard is roughly trimmed with his knife. One iris is light bright blue and the other is deep dark brown. His clothing and body have a dusting of dirt and he smells of a forest, but has no stink of human body odor. He never gives a name so anyone who knows him has taken to calling him by a generic nickname such as grandpa, woodsman, stranger, jack, etc.

His clothing is all hand stitched from animals skins and furs. He wears a leather vest with a few closeable pockets under a fur coat of many different animal pelts. His thin loose pants are tucked into soft leather mid-calf boot which allow for quiet hunting. His pants are supported by a belt with some loops around the left side where he can hang things like small game when hunting. He has his quiver attached to his right quad with his bow and a yulk (claw on 2 ft pole) strapped on his back. Under his vest on a strap around his upper chest is a sheathed dagger.

He has lived in the the wilderness since he was a young boy. Most people would have died if left so young in the forest, but he excelled at wilderness survivalist. He is extremely athletic and skilled at tracking and working with animals. He does not remember much of his past before the forest and understands little of human ways. He knows that large human society exists and interacts with it occasionally but prefers his solitary life. Although he knows human language from childhood enough to communicate in simple sentences he doesn’t talk much and has no social graces.

Recently he helped a young man named Cook survive when he was attacked and injured in the wilderness. He lived and trained with him for some time and formed a bond with him. He has now become more curious about humans and their complex emotions and why they are so different from other animals. He journeys with Cook to the town of Kador but prefers to spend most of his time in the countryside around the town. When Cook becomes associated with a group of humans set on delving into the ruins of ancient society, against his better judgement the woodsman decides to accompany them. In a way they feel like a pack of his own and he wants to help protect them against danger and learn about his own species.

Despite his lack of understanding of people and society the woodsman is actually no stranger to the numenera. He has scavenged and used cyphers for his own ends while living in the wilderness and even explored and looted a few ancient ruins in his time. The numenera seem part of the natural environment in a way that modern society does not and he accepts them because of that.

The woodsman (Gina)

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