Gerard Fairbanks Jr. (Jon)

Charming nano who exists partially out of phase


Gerard Fairbanks Junior is the son of Baron Gerard Fairbanks, lord of Kador and the Fairbanks fiefdom. While pregnant with him his mother, Lady Hedia, visited a conclave of nanos who uses a numenera artifact on her unborn fetus to maximize its potential. Genetically enhanced and said to be destined for great things Gerard has always been very handsome and charming, but he stopped growing when he was only about 10 years old and has been 4’5" tall since then, likely an unintended effect of his numenera exposure in utero. Even now at 26 he has round features which would make him look very childlike indeed if not for his pointed soul patch and impeccably curled handlebar mustache. He has thick wavy black hair, parted on the side of his head with a prominent wave sitting atop his forehead. As Gerard came of age other special skills manifested from his numenera exposure in utero. He developed a psionic connection to the nanites and some other numenera endemic in the world enabling him to do such things as project a constant ward of force around himself.

He wears a full length blue cloak to hide his stubby legs, but form-fitting and flexible pants so as not to hinder their surprising agility. He wears a light blue vest with intricate silver stitchwork over a long-sleeved black shirt. On his feet he wears light boots that appear to be made of leather and on his hands gloves of the same material.

Although his family has money and power he is rebellious; he resents and rejects a life of high society. He began going off to explore the numenera in the wilderness and ruins around the fiefdom. His parents disapproved of this and his relationship with Goredard, a tinker and researcher who began accompanying him on his expeditions. On one adventure an accident with a cypher shifts him out of phase with this reality, Goredard helps to stabilize him with another device, but he is still partially out of phase. Gerard embraces the benefits of this turn of events as much as he can but that is the last straw for his family and they disowns him to a degree. If he choose to ask he can probably seek some degree of help and protection from them, but he no longer has the full benefits of his birth title and cannot draw from his family’s coffers or command their vassals. He now pursues a life of adventure among the ruins of the ancient world and also hopefully the means to help Goredard further stabilize his condition.

Gerard Fairbanks Jr. (Jon)

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