Cook Kugler (Richard)

Mechanical glaive who wields two weapons at once


Cook Kugler is a 23 year old male, 5’ 10" in height, with a lean yet muscular build. He has dark black hair and light blue eyes. As a child Cook’s parents had him upgraded with cybernetic enhancements by chirurgeons to be a super solider. Cook is totally stoked about the enhancements that made him stronger, faster, and slightly smarter, but also gave him a manner people find unnerving. Part of this manner comes from that he can now interface with numenera in the environment to a small degree giving him the ability to “sense numenera” and perform “hedge magic”.

The cybernetic enhancements to his body are mostly the result of nanotechnology and are therefore not obvious in his appearance except for a tattooed symbol on the back of the neck placed there by the shadowy organization, known to him only as “The Syndicate”, who were paid to enhance him. He favors dark colored clothing and often wears a duster to conceal the weaponry and chainmail shirt that he wears.

His parents were relatively wealthy merchants in Shallamas but fell on hard times and were unable to pay back the money they owed to The Syndicate for Cook’s upgrades. They were taken into indentured servitude by the Syndicate in collection of the debt which as is allowable by Naverene law. The Syndicate intended to repossess Cook too, or at least his numenera parts, but he fled from his home. Pursued for some time by Syndicate agents he fleed all the way to the Westwood where he was attacked by creatures living there and badly wounded. An old woodsman saves his life by stepping in to his defense when all seemed lost. He spent some time in the Westwood living with the stranger and training with him. They developed a special connection and when standing back to back in a fight they defend each other effectively.

Cook has devoted himself to earning the money to free his super awesome parents from servitude. To this end he decides to return to civilization to try to make some shins. He journeys back east and comes to the town of Kador where the local blacksmith allows him to do odd jobs around the forge and sleep in the backroom. The pay is okay but nowhere near enough to hope to buy his parents’ contracts back. When he learns of the lucrative, if dangerous, exploits of the local adventures Gerard, Goredard, and Bumble he decides to spend most of his saved up shins on weapons and armor and put his super soldier upgrades to good use as a hired glaive for the intrepid explorers.

Cook Kugler (Richard)

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