Bumbleschmumpkin (Paul)

Mechanical nano who talks to machines


Bumble is in his mid 30s and stands 5’ 4" with a build that looks like he lifts weights but has never done cardio. He is pale with a large head and curly reddish hair. He has numenera ports along his hairline on his neck and at his temples.

Bumble has amnesia and doesn’t remember a lot of his past. He thinks he was kidnapped and had his body modified with numenera advancements which give him the ability to sense, communicate with, and control numenera devices. Most nanos have some ability to sense and “talk” with nanites and other numenera but Bumble has actual conversations with them and sometimes the machines talk back. He might be seen on occasion speaking to the nanites in the air around him. This unnatural affinity for the numenera contributes to an unnerving aura that people feeling when around him, making his social interactions difficult at times.

He was found dazed, weakened, and wandering near the edge of the Westwood. He was brought to Kador since it was the nearest town with aeon priests and healers. Even after rest and healing he still had little idea who he was or where he came from and no idea where he was going to go or what to do. Goredard had heard about the strange man brought to the aeon priest clave and had come to investigate. When Goredard approached Bumble he experienced flashes of memories from a nice suburban childhood and believed he remembers his name to be Bumbleschmumpkin. Goredard feels sorry for the poor lost man and he and Gerard Jr. befriend him and invite them to join them in their adventuring because it becomes apparent Bumble has some skills that could be useful to them.

Bumble is now attached to his two new companions, especially Goredard whose presence somehow seems to bring glimmers of memory from time to time allowing him to start to piece together his past and to make a future for himself. With time he hopes to discover the truth of what really happened to him and to master his new powers.

Bumbleschmumpkin (Paul)

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