Goredard Smith (Tom)

Stealthy jack who crafts unique objects


Goredard is a 32 year old man. He’s 5’8’’ with a wiry build. He has dark but not quite black hair, green eyes, and pale skin with the slightest bluish tint (a remnant of historic genetic manipulation on his ancestors). His incredible stealth, skill, and resilience are thanks in large part to his genetic heritage, but he owes his crafting talent to much time studying the numenera and training to be able to craft them.

There was a mysterious man who used to live in Goredard’s hometown of Bodrov that became his mentor and taught him many secrets of the numenera. His mentor has since disappeared and left Gore to continue his exploration and study of the numenera on his own. Gore had a good relationship with his parents and was generally well regarded in his home town, but decided to leave Bodrov and venture out into the wider world to continue his exploration and discovery of the technology of the ancients. He is always seeking out more powerful numenera and ancient materials to tinker with and learn from.

He met Gerard Fairbanks Jr. in Kador on his journey west and became fast friends with the young man who shared his same spirit for adventure and exploration. On one of their adventures a teleportation cypher that Gore had crafted malfunctioned and shattered into many pieces sending Gerard out of phase with the rest of reality leaving him a phantom uncontrollably flickering between dimensions. Gore crafted a device to stabilize the cypher shards which were tied to Gerard’s phase state after the accident. Because of his help Gerard has gained some measure of control of his phase state but is still in some danger of losing control. Gore believes that with some work he can further align and stabilize the cypher shards to further ensure Gerard’s safety.

Cypher Tinkerer:
With a craft check and spending at least 5 minutes alter the function of a cypher. The greater the change the more difficult the check. If you fail the check the change cannot be made and you may damage or destroy the cypher, or worse depending on the situation.
Difficulty guidelines: (Using an example cypher that allows the user to hover slowly into the air and stay there for 10 minutes)
- Within the general spirit of the cypher power: Difficult 4 (12) e.g. Effect a willing target instead
- Similar to the description of the intent but change the nature: Formidable 7 (21) e.g. Quickly pick up and drop a foe doing damage
- Nothing to do with original: Impossible 10 (30) e.g. Blast fire at foes
*Always subject to GM discretion.

Goredard Smith (Tom)

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