Journey through Thaemor

The party continues northward from the town that was overtaken by abhumans. They travel along the path for days with mountains to the east and forest to the west. They see a few farmsteads that look abandoned and run down. Bumble picks up a glimmer from the datasphere that appears to just his mind. A woman with 4 arms, 3 faces and 2 extra floating hands appears before him and warns of severe weather incoming. The party takes shelter on his advice and are spared the worst of a thunderstorm with lightning and high winds.

Eventually they arrive at a walled city called Osgar. The guards make them wait and be inspected by a physician before entering because of fear of the fungal infection. They also chastise the party for indecent exposure for leaving their entire faces uncovered. The group fashions some face coverings and enters into the city. The party goes to the market while the priests and diggers seek out the Order of Truth’s church in the city. The party spends a long time in the market, but after much discussion finally decides not to buy anything and head to the church. The church in the city is small and the priest there can only provide them with information on their location and the best way to travel. The churches in Thaemor are mostly new and underfunded since the ruler of the nation just recently allowed the Order official access to the nation. Goredard spends some time looking through the church library.

The party goes out to a tavern that evening and makes a contract with a man named Ramash who works on one of the trading vessels that travels on the Tarcil, the river which the city is adjacent to and has a large port on. After spending the night at the church the party heads to the docks to meet with Ramash. On their way to find the ship they see the dockmaster. The dockmaster is wearing one of the metal masks that changes with the wearer’s expression that they know the agents of the Syndicate to wear. Gore puts on the mask the woodsman acquired earlier and has Bumble put on the other matching mask that he has in his possession and accompanies him. Cook speculates that perhaps Bumble has this mask in his possession because he was a member of the Syndicate before he lost his memories.

Gore speaks with the dockmaster, whose name is Saren, and is able to convince him that he is a Syndicate member. He is invited to Saren’s house for some tea and discussion. Gore manages to get away with his ruse the whole time. Saren asks if he will be booking passage to the Sanctuary but Gore tells him that he has other secret business to attend to.

After leaving Saren’s house Gore rejoins the party and they find Ramash’s ship. Ramash arranges for the whole party to have passage on the ship for 5 shins a piece. The captain also demands payment for the drones so Gore pays 10 shins for them. The trade ship sets sail north up the river Tarcil bound for Navarene.


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