Investigating a Theft in Shallamas

The party follows Alansari to a shrine of the ancients, adjacent to an apartment for the Order, in the Eastern Market area of the city by the East gate.

The party learns that Bandit King and his crew stormed through the city gates and went directly to the storeroom behind the shrine where two containers of translator microbes were being held. The microbes were to be distributed throughout the Steadfast and allow the Aeon Priests and their agents to understand any of the languages spoken throughout the Steadfast.

The party first question Zorian, the priest in charge of the shrine where the microbes were stolen from. She says that the Order has things under control and that their help is unneeded. While in the midst of their investigation a merchant named Durzak picks them out as adventures and tries to sell them a “artifact” that has psychic control power. The party identify it as only a cypher and bargain him down to a good price and Gerard Jr. buys it from him. The party goes to a tavern and Gore chats up the locals and buys them a round. They learn about the bandit raid and that the Bandit King is probably hold up in the Red Swamp south east of the city. Alansari ends up getting a little drunk for the first time on a “long island” provided by the party while at the tavern. The party then proceeds to the gates to question the guards there about the attack.

At the gate Gerard chats up Lammal, one of the guards there, and offers the old guard to drink his wine cask with him when he gets off duty. Gerard meets Lammal in an alley near the gate and learns from him that the guards on duty when the bandits managed to storm through the gate unimpeded were Evert and Orza. Evert is an older guard who Lammal says is lazy, and Orza is new to the guard force. The party suspects that Orza is possibly in the employ of someone and allowed the bandits in on purpose. Gerard and Lammal finish the wine cask and Gerard may have given Lammal an old fashion afterwards, no one else was in the alley so it’s impossible to say for sure.

The party return to the Church of Truth in the center of the city to report to Petra. They sleep there overnight and set off early in the morning for the Red Swamp south east of the city.


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