Entering Shallamas

The party travels west on the Wyr for a few days then up the Ingal river, a tributary of the Wyr, and docks in Drammon. Drammon is a port town just south of Shallamas. The party spends one last night on the ship and Bumble dreams of looking into a mirror but the face he sees looking back at him is the face of an old man. The party sees a streak across the sky as they disembark and sees multiple objects fall from the sky towards the ground in the distance.

While making their way through the crates piled around near the dock invisible assassins try to kill the party. With great effort they dispatch the assassins. The assassins had special numenera suits to make them invisible, and one had a message on them that made it obvious that the assassins had been specifically instructed where to find the party and to kill them. It is not known by who.

They make their way out of Drammon and travel north into the large trade city of Shallmas that was the home town of Cook. The party experiences one of the “echoes” that the city is know for, which is the ghost-like apparitions of people replaying events that have already past. The party meets the High Priest Petra at the Order of Truth’s Church in the middle of the city. Petra is in charge of all the Aeon priests in this region. Dobbins, Senna, and Chaalk defer to him and give him a report of the events since they encountered the spiders at their dig site.

Petra meets privately with the party and expresses his thanks for the party’s good work. He pays them for their work and also manages to get them to give up their gate access key for a bonus. He also express interest in contracting them to do some work for him. Much of his help has been called away north to the crusades and Petra needs capable and competent help that he believes he can trust.

He wants them to further investigate the stargates and potentially move some of the gates from their locations to more strategic locations. He also believes the skyfall they saw earlier in the day was an omen from the ancients and the party should investigate the site for gifts from the ancients. But first Petra wants the party to take care of an important and sensitive issue for him. The Bandit King Poelle and his lackeys have stolen something of great importance to him and Order and he sends the party with his young apprentice Alansari to investigate and hopefully bring the stolen property back without too much fuss.


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